Adnan Murad Bhayo, Muhammad Latif, Javed Ali Babar, Allah Wadhayo Gandahi, Impact of Flood 2010 on the Fertility Status of Soil of Tehsil Garhi Khairo, District Jacobabad, Pakistan, JHPR Volume 4, Journal of Horticulture and Plant Research (Volume 4)
    A field study was carried out to assess some measurable changes in chemical properties of the soil of taluka Garhi Khero, district Jacobabad that was affected by ‘Supra flood 2011’. Forty-five composite soil samples were collected from three sampling depths, 0-15 cm, 15-30 cm, and 30-45 cm for the determination of various chemical parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, soluble sodium (Na<sup>+</sup>), potassium (K<sup>+</sup>), calcium (Ca<sup>+2</sup>), and magnesium (Mg<sup>+2</sup>). Results of the analysis were compared with the reference data that were studied before the flood. Results of the analysis revealed that due to flood, chemical nature of soil was changed from slightly alkaline to strongly alkaline. Before and after flood soil remains non-saline. There has been a significant increase in the optimum concentration of soluble sodium (Na<sup>+</sup>), calcium (Ca<sup>+2</sup>) and magnesium (Mg<sup>+2</sup>). However; potassium (K<sup>+</sup>) content of the soil was uniformly decreased. Keywords: Flood, soil, agriculture, crops, Jacobabad.
    Agriculture, Crops, Flood 2010, Jacobabad, Soil