Aftab Jamal, Hifsa Jamal, Assessment and Distribution of Macro and Micro Nutrients in Different Soil Series of District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, JHPR Volume 2, Journal of Horticulture and Plant Research (Volume 2)
    In order to investigate the soil fertility status of Swabi district the present research was carried out. A total of 32 soil samples were collected from 16 different locations surrounding Swabi area at 0-20cm and 20-40cm depths and analyzed for different chemical properties and fertility status in the laboratory of soil and environmental Sciences University of Agriculture Peshawar. Results revealed that soil of Swabi was moderately to strongly calcareous in nature and alkaline in reaction. The O.M content was found deficient to marginal, being deficient in 75% and marginal in 25% samples at both soil depths. AB-DTPA Extractable phosphorous was found sufficient (40%) at surface soil while at sub surface it was found 15% deficient. No potassium deficiency was observed at surface as well as at sub surface soil, being sufficient in 37 % samples at surface soil and 43 % samples at sub surface soil. AB-DTPA extractable Cu was found adequate in almost all soil samples, Fe was found sufficient in 78% soil samples and medium in 9% samples and was found low in 12% soil samples at both soil depths. AB-DTPA Extractable Zn was found 12% deficient, 6% medium and 31% adequate at all surface soil samples while at sub surface it was found 19% deficient, 22% medium and 12% adequate. Proper fertilization and application of FYM and green manure is highly recommended for the areas low in Organic matter and respective nutrients.
    Calcareous, Physiochemical Properties, Swabi Soil