Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye, Olatunde Abass Oseni, Kayode Olugbenga Popoola, Yusuff Ayinde Gbolagade, Abioye Rauf Olatoye, Kolade Idowu, Amino Acid Composition of Kilishi - Nigerian (Beef Jerky) Meat, SFP Volume 8, Sustainable Food Production (Volume 8)
    The article reports the amino acid composition of Nigerian beef jerky meat called Kilishi. Kilishi is consumed dry, hence determination was on dry weight basis. Sample was purchased in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Amino acid values were highest for non-essential amino acid in Glu (14.3 g100g<sup>-1</sup>) whereas from essential amino acid it was Lys (8.69 g100g<sup>-1</sup>). Other high value amino acids were (in g100g<sup>-1</sup>): Asp (8.85), Leu (7.68), Arg (6.02), Ile (4.08), Trp (1.02), Cys (1.18) and His (2.40). P-PER<sub>1</sub><sub>,</sub><sub>2,3</sub> values were superior at values of 2.52 – 2.70. EAAI<sub>1</sub> (soybean standard) was 1.23 and EAAI<sub>2</sub> (egg standard) was 94.5 with corresponding BV of 91.3. Lys/Trp was very high at 8.55 and Met/Trp was 2.38. Values of TNEAA was 52.1 g100g<sup>-1</sup> (57.7%) and TEAA was 38.2 g100g<sup>-1</sup>(42.3%). In the egg score comparison Ser (0.461) was the limiting amino acid (LAA) with protein corrected digestibility value of 0.338; in provisional EAA scoring pattern, LAA was Val (0.882) and corrected version was 0.742; in pre-school children requirement, LAA was Trp (0.927) and corrected value of 0.780. Variation percentage values between the scores/corrected scores were virtually 12.2% per parameter compared. Correlation values between each score standard/corrected score values were significantly different at r<sub>=0.01</sub> with values of 0.9997 – 0.99999. Estimates of amino acid requirements at ages 10 – 12 years (mg kg<sup>-1</sup> day<sup>-1</sup>) showed kilishi to be better than the standards at 74.9% - 453%. Results showed that kiishi is protein-condensed.
    Amino Acid Composition, Kilishi Meat, Nigerian