Helen O. Bamidele, Antifungal Potency of Aframomum melegueta (Alligator Pepper) Seed Extracts on Postharvest Rot Fungi of Two Citrus Species, SFP Volume 6, Sustainable Food Production (Volume 6)
    This study was carried out to test the potency of both aqueous and ethanolic extracts of small and large <i>Aframomum melegueta</i> (alligator pepper) on the control of postharvest deterioration of lime (<i>Citrus aurantifolia</i>) and lemon (<i>Citrus limonum</i>) caused mostly by <i>Aspergillus niger, Trichothecium roseum, Rhizoctonia species, Alternaria tenuis, Absidia ramose</i> and<i> Rhizopus stolonifer</i> which were isolated from the fruits of lime and lemon. The fungal isolated were tested for its ability to cause the same disease condition in a healthy Citrus (<i>C. limonum</i> and <i>C. aurantifolia).</i>The extracts were concentrated at different range from 5-30 mg/ml. The study showed that the extracts of <i>Aframomum melegueta</i> were able to suppress fungi growth on <i>Citrus aurantifolia</i> and <i>Citrus limonum</i>. All the concentrations of the ethanolic extract of small <i>A. melegueta</i> were potent to all the organisms. The small seed ethanolic extracts were most effective on <i>Rhizopus stolonifer</i> while larege seed ethanolic extracts were most effective on <i>Alternaria tenuis</i> which recorded the highest zone of inhibition. I recommended that 5mg/ml concentration which has the highest zone of inhibition of the extract can be used as spray in controlling the postharvest deterioration of the citrus fruits. Therefore, they will serve as a good natural seed fungicide (protectant) against Citrus in storage.
    <i>Aframomum melegueta</i>, Antifungal Potency, Citrus Species, Extracts, Postharvest Fungi