Zakaria Alam, Md. Azizul Hoque, Sanjida Akter, Md. Mazadul Islam, Avijit Biswas, Enhancement of Potato Shelf Life: Role of Pre-Harvest Potassium Application, SFP Volume 6, Sustainable Food Production (Volume 6)
    An experiment was conducted at the research field in Gazipur, Bangladesh during winter season of 2014-2015 to determine the effect of different potash fertilizer rates as pre-harvest application viz. K<sub>1 </sub>(0 kg-K<sub>2</sub>O/ha), K<sub>2&nbsp; </sub>(150 kg-K<sub>2</sub>O/ha), K<sub>3&nbsp; </sub>(175 kg-K<sub>2</sub>O/ha) and K<sub>4&nbsp; </sub>(200 kg-K<sub>2</sub>O/ha) on storability of different potato varieties (V<sub>1</sub>= Cardinal, V<sub>2</sub>=Courage, V<sub>3</sub>=Diamant, V<sub>4</sub>=Granola) under natural condition. The potato tubers were stored in a well ventilated room of day and night temperature of (25-30&deg;C) and (20-25&deg;C), respectively. Result revealed that after 135 days of storage, lowest cumulative weight loss was recorded in Granola (12.66%) followed by Courage (21.50%), Diamant (30.84%) and Cardinal (30.84%). The cumulative weight loss was minimum (10.66%) in Granola variety after 135 days of natural storage where the pre-harvest potassium application rate was @ 200 kg-K<sub>2</sub>O/ha.
    Cumulative Weight Loss, Potassium Fertilizer, Storability