Sidum Adumene, Anthony Kpegele Le-ol, Barinaadaa Thaddeus Lebele-Alawa, Performance and Economic Analysis of Gas Turbine Subsystems for Power Generation in the Niger Delta, IJET Volume 9, International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 9)
    In this research work, performance and economic analysis of three units’ gas turbine plants in the Niger Delta, Nigeria has been carried out for the period of 18 months. The aim of this study is to assess the energy, exergy and economic behavior of the plants subsystems. The methodology involved the splitting of the system into control volumes to show the inflow and outflow of energy and exergy at different operating conditions. A parametric study was also conducted to evaluate the influence of key decision variable like load on the plants subsystem performance. The analysis was done in MATLAB 7.3 <sup>®</sup> environment and the results reveals that between the 40%-86% loading of the plant, the energy loss was optimum due to outages and exhaust gas energy waste, with revenue worth of $14,611,642 cumulatively, while the irreversibility in the exhaust gas progressively increase as the load increases with an exergy destruction cost rate of $234.98 per hour per unit. The combustor show maximum exergy loss at 44% load with an exergy destruction cost rate of $127.87 per hour per unit, while the power turbine highest exergy destruction cost rate occurred at 73% load. These key performance indicators provided relevant information on the technical state of the plant for decision making.
    Cost Evaluation, Energy, Exergy, Gas Turbine, Performance