Osita Obiukwu, Henry Udeani, Progress Ubani, The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of SAE 1035 Steel, IJET Volume 8, International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 8)
    The effect of various heat treatment operations (annealing, normalizing, tempering) on mechanical properties of 0.35% carbon steel was investigated. The change in the value of endurance limit of the material as a result of the various heat-treatment operations were studied thoroughly. It was found that the specimens tempered at low temperature (200°C) exhibited the best fatigue strength. Microscope was used to characterize the structural properties resulting from different heat treatment processes. The results from the tensile tests impact tests and hardness tests showed that the mechanical properties variate at every heat-treatment conditions. The microstructure of differently heat-treated steels was also studied.
    Fatigue, Hardness, Heat Treatment, Impact, SAE 1035 Carbon Steel, Tensile Test