Serhiy Yershov, Serhiy Mel’nik, Еkaterina Kravchenko, A Review and Technology Analysis of Rolling Channel Sections in Rolling Mills in the CIS, IJET Volume 6, International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 6)
    Requirements for the quality of finished products is continuously increasing. It adducts to improve existing and develop of new schemes roll design. This paper contains the analysis of technological schemes for rolling channels, which are used in the CIS countries. Were described different ways of rolling channels and design features roughing and finishing passes. The authors were compared schemes of UPN-shaped profiles’ rolling on different Iron and Steel Works. The article describes methods for improving the roll design, proposed and implemented by domestic developers. These methods are based on the gained experiences of flange profiles’ rolling and developments of the modern world. It makes possible to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality of the channels.  
    Channel, Deformation, Flanged Profiles, Scheme of Calibration, Tandem Mill, Unfolded Pass