S.S. Benchalli, Prakash Gouda Patil, Pushpa M. Nalwad, Locally gωα-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces, IJPMS Volume 19, International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences (Volume 19)
    In the year 2014, the present authors introduced and studied the concept of <i>gωα</i>-closed sets in topological spaces. The purpose of this paper to introduce a new class of locally closed sets called <i>gωα</i>-locally closed sets (briefly <i>gωαlc</i>-sets) and study some of their properties. Also <i>gωα</i>-locally closed continuous (briefly <i>gωαlc</i>-continuous) functions and its irresolute functions are introduced and studied their properties in topological spaces.
    <i>gωα-</i>Closed, <i>gωα</i>-Continuous, <i>gωα</i>-Irresolute, <i>gωα-</i>Locally Closed, Locally Closed