Anuradha Gupta, Pragati Gautam, Topological Structure of Quasi-Partial b-Metric Spaces, IJPMS Volume 17, International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences (Volume 17)
    In this paper we discuss the topological properties of quasi-partial <i>b</i>-metric spaces. The notion of quasi-partial <i>b</i>-metric space was introduced and fixed point theorem and coupled fixed point theorem on this space were studied. Here the concept of quasi-partial <i>b</i>-metric topology is discussed and notion of product of quasi-partial <i>b</i>-metric spaces is also introduced.
    Compactness, Partial <i>b</i>-Metric Space, Product Quasi-Partial <i>b</i>-Metric Space, Quasi-Partial <i>b</i>-Metric Space, Quasi-Partial <i>b</i>-Metric Topology