Rukkayat Suleiman, Jagadish Singh, Umar Aishetu, Effect of Oblateness of the Secondary up to J4 on L4,5 in the Photogravitaional ER3BP, IJARM Vol. 13, International Journal of Advanced Research in Mathematics (Volume 13)
    In a synodic-pulsating dimensionless coordinate, with a luminous primary and an oblate secondary, we examine the effects of radiation pressure, oblateness (quadruple and octupolar i.e. ) and eccentricity of the orbits of the primaries on the triangular points in the ER3BP. have been shown to disturb the motion of an infinitesimal body and particularly has significant effects on a satellite’s secular perturbation and orbital precessions. The influence of these parameters on the triangular points of Zeta Cygni, 54 Piscium and Procyon A/B are highlighted in this study. Triangular points are stable in the range and their stability is affected by said parameters.
    Celestial Mechanics, Oblateness Harmonics, Zonal Harmonics