Roman Lysiuk, Roman Darmohray, Pharmacology and Ethnomedicine of the Genus Astragalus, IJPPE Volume 3, International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine (Volume 3)
    The genus <i>Astragalus</i>, consisting of about 3000 species, is a valuable source of herbal drugs. The review article comprises scientific data concerning morphological, distribution and phytochemical characters of the genus. Polysaccharides, saponins, and flavonoids are considered main active principles. <i>Astragalus spp. </i>have long been used as medicinal plants in folk medicine as cardiovascular, antihypertensive, diuretic, choleretic, as well as antimicrobial and antiviral agents. The plants of the genus exhibit a broad spectrum of pharmacological effects, among which major include diuretic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, hypotensive, and sedative ones. The review focuses on uses of about 30 <i>Astragalus</i> species in official medicine and ethnomedicine and their pharmacological action.
    Anti-Inflammatory, Bactericidal, Diuretic, Ethnomedicine, <i>Fabaceae</i>, Folk Medicine Remedies, Genus<i> Astragalus</i> L., Official Species, Pharmacology