Mohammad Waleed Mohammad Sadaka, A Novel Eudesmane Glycosides Sesquiterpene from Calendula officinalis L., IJPPE Volume 3, International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine (Volume 3)
    The chromatographic separation of aqueous methanolic extract of <i>Calendula officinalis</i> led to the isolation of a new eudesmane sesquiterpene glycoside (1), together with tow known compounds, a lupane ester (2) and flavonoide gulcoside (3). Their structures were characterized to be 1<i>β</i>,3<i>β</i>,6<i>α</i>,8<i>α</i>,tetrahydroxyeudesm-4-ene 11-<i>O</i>-<i>β</i>-<i>D</i>-glucopyrnoside (1), 3<i>β</i>-<i>E</i>-caffoeyl lupeol (2), kaempferol-3-<i>O</i>-gulcoside (3) by spectroscopic means.
    <i>Calendula</i> <i>officinalis</i> L., Eudesmane, Kaempferol, Lupane, Sesquiterpene