Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye, Olatoye Rauf Abioye, Vitamins Composition in Clarias gariepinus Fish Body Parts (Liver, Muscle, Head): Reporting on Samples on Fresh, Smoked-Dried and Dry Extract Bases, IJPPE Volume 17, International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine (Volume 17)
    An investigation into the vitamins composition levels in <i>Clarias</i> <i>gariepinus</i> fish was carried out and reported in dry extract/fresh; dry extract / smoked-dried on individual vitamins and the sum of the whole vitamins. Parts investigated were liver, muscle and head. Whereas fresh and smoked-dried data were laboratory results, the dry extract portions were calculated and reported as dry extract /fresh sample, dry extract / smoked-dried sample for liver, muscle and head. Results obtained ran thus and all values were in mg/100g vitamin where d = difference, CV% = coefficient of variation and % difference = % value that shows what made dry extract value greater than its reported comparison: dry extract/fresh, % d = 74.5 (all), CV% = 84.0 (all), in liver; dry extract/smoked, % d =24.5 (all), CV% = 19.7 (all), in liver; dry extract/fresh, % d = 74.3 (all), CV% = 83.6 (all), in muscle; ndry extract/smoked, % d = 10.2 (all), CV% =7.60 (all), in muscle;m dry extract/fresh, % d = 68.5 (all), CV% = 73.7 (all), in head; dry extract/smoked, % d = 9.10 (all), CV% = 6.74 (all), in head; dry extract/fresh, % d = 71.9- 74.5, CV% = 79.4 - 82.4 in total vitamin body load; dry extract/smoked, % d = 9. 69- 24.5, CV% = 7.20 - 19.7 in total vitamin body load; dry extract (fresh) – dry extract (smoked), %d = 69.6 - 82.0 in liver; dry extract (fresh) – dry extract (smoked), %d = 72.3 - 76.3 in muscle; dry extract (fresh) – dry extract (smoked), %d = 62.9 - 75.2 in head; dry extract (fresh) – dry extract (smoked), %d = 69.7- 79.0 in total vitamins body load.Among the dry extract values calculated from fresh samples and subjected to chi-square (χ<sup>2</sup>) values, significant values were observed in vitamins B<sub>6</sub>, C, A, B<sub>1</sub>, D, E and total at α=0.05. In the dry extract values from smoked samples, only three significant χ<sup>2</sup> values in vitamins A, E and total were observed. In reflection to vitamin concentration levels, percentage higher levels in dry extracts (from fresh) had these trends: liver (74.5%) &gt; muscle (74.3%) &gt; head (68.5%) whereas from smoked, we had liver (24.5%) &gt; muscle (10.2%) &gt; head (9.10%). Also total vitamin body load from dry extract (fresh) was 71.9-74.5% difference and dry extract (smoked) was 9.69 -24.5% difference. It should be noted that liver occupied the higher part of the range in the two comparisons, like 74.5% (fresh) and 24.5% (smoked).
    <i>Clarias gariepinus</i>, True Value, Vitamin Concentration