Kalpana Chaurasia, Nidhi Sharma, Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Different Noise, Apply on PNG Image Format Used in Deconvolution Wiener Filter (FFT) Algorithm, ETET Volume 4, Evolving Trends in Engineering and Technology (Volume 4)
    Image Restoration is a field of Image Processing. This deals with recovering an original and sharp image from a degraded image using degradation & restoration function. This study focus on restoration of degraded images which have been blurred by known degradation function. PNG (Tag Index Format) are considered for analyzing the image restoration techniques deconvolution using wiener filter (FFT) algorithm with an information of the Point Spread Function (PSF) corrupted blurred image and then corrupted by Different noise. Performance analysis is done to measure the efficiency by which image is recovered. The analysis is done on the basis of various performance metrics like Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Mean Square Error(MSE),Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Mean Absolute Error (MAE).
    Fastfourier Transform, MAE, MSE, PSNR, RMSE