Meriem Bentounsi, Imane Agmour, Naceur Achtaich, Youssef El Foutayeni, Stability Analysis of a Biological Model of a Marine Resources Allowing Density Dependent Migration, IFSL Volume 12, International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 12)
    Biology of a marine resources is a descriptive science. The description is the first step towards understanding a system. However, the main objective is to present a rigorous mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of these spatio temporal models. In the present paper, we consider a two species food chain, i.e. a prey and predator populations modeled in a two-patch environment, one of which is a free fishing zone and the other one is protected zone. We study the qualitative analysis of solutions and we establish sufficient conditions under which the endemic and trivial equilibria are asymptotically stable.The asymptotic stability corresponding to the equilibria is graphically shown.
    Biological Equilibrium, Migration, Patches, Prey-Predator Model, Routh Hurwitz Criteria, Stability Properties