Aminu Abubakar Hussain, Umar Aishetu, Jagadish Singh, Investigation of the Stability of a Test Particle in the Vicinity of Collinear Points with the Additional Influence of an Oblate Primary and a Triaxial-Stellar Companion in the Frame of ER3BP, IFSL Volume 13, International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 13)
    We investigate in the elliptic framework of the restricted three-body problem, the motion around the collinear points of an infinitesimal particle in the vicinity of an oblate primary and a triaxial stellar companion. The locations of the collinear points are affected by the eccentricity of the orbits, oblateness of the primary body and the triaxiality and luminosity of the secondary. A numerical analysis of the effects of the parameters on the positions of collinear points of CEN X-4 and PSR J1903+0327 reveals a general shift away from the smaller primary with increase in eccentricity and triaxiality factors and a shift towards the smaller primary with increase in the semi-major axis and oblateness of the primary on L<sub>1</sub>. The collinear points remain unstable in spite of the introduction of these parameters.
    Celestial Mechanics, Collinear Points, ER3BP