Ajay K. Waghmare, Prasanta Sahoo, Adhesive Friction Based on Accurate Elastic-Plastic Finite Element Analysis and n-Point Asperity Concept, IFSL Volume 11, International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 11)
    The present work considers analysis of adhesive friction of rough surfaces using n-point asperity concept for statistical definition of surface roughness features, and accurate finite element analysis of elastic-plastic deformation of single asperity contact. The paper describes theoretical study in which whole range of deformation of an n-point asperity viz. from fully elastic, through elastic-plastic, to fully plastic is considered and the intermediate transition regime is treated analytically as well as numerically. Well defined adhesion index and plasticity index are used to study the prospective contact situations arising out of variation in material properties and surface roughness features. Using practical values of material properties and surface roughness parameters, results are obtained for normally applied load, friction force, and coefficient of friction. It is observed that the surfaces undergoing predominantly plastic type of deformation and having moderate to higher adhesion have constant coefficient of friction.
    Adhesive Friction, Elastic-Plastic, Finite Element Method, n-Point Asperity