Nalimela Pothanna, P. Aparna, The Unsteady Flow of a Fluid of Finite Depth with an Oscillating Bottom, IFSL  Volume 15, International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 15)
    In this paper, the unsteady flow of a fluid of finite depth with an oscillating bottom is examined. The flow is assumed in the absence of viscous dissipation. The governing equations of the flow are decoupled in the velocity and temperature fields. The velocity and temperature fields have been obtained analytically. The effects of various material parameters on these fields have been discussed with the help of graphical illustrations. It is noticed that the upward thrust (ρ<i>f<sub>y</sub>) </i>vanishes when Reiner Rivlin coefficient of viscosity (μ<sub>c</sub>) is zero and the transverse force (ρ<i>f<sub>z</sub>) </i>perpendicular to the flow direction vanishes for thermo-viscosity coefficient (α<sub>8</sub>) is zero. The external forces generated perpendicular to the flow direction is a special feature of thermo-viscous fluid when compared to the other type of fluids.
    Prandantl Number, Thermo-Stress-Viscosity Coefficient, Thermo-Viscous Fluid