Luis Alejandro Iturri-Hinojosa, Alexander E. Martynyuk, Mohamed Badaoui, Boundary Value Problem of an Infinite Array of Loaded Apertures, IFSL Volume 3, International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 3)
    A mathematical model of the scattering by a periodically arranged apertures in conducting plates is presented. The boundary value problem of an infinite array of loaded apertures is formulated for an arbitrary incident plane wave. The reflection coefficient for some array geometries is obtained and the calculated values are in good agreement with the measurements in a previously published researches. All the rectangular apertures in the array are assumed to be identical and infinitesimally thin. The mathematical model is based on Floquet’s theorem that specifies the requirement of periodicity by the electromagnetic fields.
    Floquet’s Theorem, Loaded-Aperture Cells, Phased Array Antennas, RADANT Principle