S.R. Barbhuiya, t-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subalgebra of BG-Algebras, ATMath Volume 3, Advanced Trends in Mathematics (Volume 3)
    The aim of this paper is to introduced the notion of t-intuitionisticfuzzy subalgebra and t-intuitionistic fuzzy normal subalgebra of BG-algebras.We state and prove some theorems in t-intuitionistic fuzzy subalgebra andt-intuitionistic fuzzy normal subalgebra in BG-algebras. The homomorphicimage and inverse image are investigated in both t-intuitionistic fuzzysubalgebra and normal subalgebras.
    BG-Algebra, Subalgebra, t-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normal Subalgebra, t-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set, t-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Subalgebra