V. Madhusudanan, P.N. Duraiswamy, S. Vijaya, Adomian Decomposition Method for Solving Ratio-Dependent Prey-Predator System with Harvesting on Predator, BMSA Volume 15, Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 15)
    In this article, Adomian Decomposition Method is used to find out the approximate solution of ratio-dependent prey-predator model with predator harvesting. The significance of ADM over other numerical discretization techniques is that it has the eminence to solve problems directly with no un-physical restrictive assumptions such as linearization, per-turbation, massive computation and any other transformation. ADM solves the problem and arrives at the approximate solution in the form of series with solution components that are easily computable. It requires very less work in comparison with other traditional methods. The graphical representations of prey and predator population contrasted with time are drawn to examine the performance and reliability of this technique.
    Adomian Decomposition Method, Predator Harvesting, Ratio-Dependent Prey-Predator Model