Selvam Parthiban, P. Gajivaradhan, Statistical Hypothesis Test in Three Factor ANOVA Model under Fuzzy Environments Using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers, BMSA Volume 14, Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 14)
    This paper deals with the problem of three factor ANOVA model (Latin Square Design-LSD) test using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers (tfns.). The proposed test is analysed under various types of trapezoidal fuzzy models such as Alpha Cut Interval, Membership Function, Ranking Function, Total Integral Value and Graded Mean Integration Representation. Finally a comparative view of the conclusions obtained from various test is given. Moreover, two numerical examples having different conclusions have been given for a concrete comparative study.
    Alpha Cut, Graded Mean Integration Representation, LSD, Membership Function, Ranking Function, Total Integral Value, Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers