Yogita Godara, Ravinder Kumar Sahrawat, Mahabir Singh, Static Deformation due to a Long Tensile Fault of Finite Width in an Isotropic Half-Space Welded with an Orthotropic Half-Space, BMSA Volume 9, Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 9)
    Closed-form analytical expressions for displacements and stresses at any point of a two-phase medium consisting of a homogeneous, isotropic, perfectly elastic half-space in welded contact with a homogeneous, orthotropic, perfectly elastic half-space caused by a tensile fault of finite width located at an arbitrary distance from the interface in the isotropic half-space are obtained. The Airy stress function approach is used to obtain the expressions for the stresses and displacements. The vertical tensile fault is considered graphically. The variations of the displacements with the distance from the fault and with depth for various cases have been studied graphically. Also horizontal and vertical displacement of the surface are presented graphically.
    Isotropic Half-Space, Orthotropic Half-Space, Static-Deformation, Tensile Fault