S.N. Pandey, Sacheendra Shukla, f(R) View of Lyttleton-Bondi Cosmological Model in Peres Spacetime, BMSA Volume 8, Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 8)
    Over the last few years, among various alternatives to the Einstein theory of gravity, especially <i>f(R)</i> theories of gravity have received more importance due to number of interesting results in cosmology and astrophysics. Pandey [10] gave an <i>f(R)</i> theory of gravity to obtain conformally invariant gravitational waves in which field equations have the form given by (3). In this paper we have investigated Lyttleton Bondi Cosmological model in view of field equations of <i>f(R)</i> theory of gravity for Generalized Peres spacetime and finally a wave like solution is obtained.
    Conformal, Field Equations, Gravitational Waves, Peres