Ren Yong Xue, Ren Yi, Proof of Goldbach Conjecture, BMSA Volume 7, Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 7)
    This paper through the creation of "double rectangular coordinate system", within the I quadrants, each coordinate axis coordinates all constitute the infinite sets. Coordinates with infinite sets one toone correspondence between the elements within and equal relationship. With any of the sum of two odd prime Numbers (a + b) to form a square area, length for a quarter of a square area A1 "square" diagonal integration method, a quarter of a square area A1 equation is derived with the definite integral equation; A1 area value of the argument as infinite generalized integral value, and deduce the equations, the Goldbach conjecture.
    Create Double Coordinate System, Equations, Generalized Integral Value, Inference, Infinite Sets, Sum of a Prime Number