Barnali Laha, Slant and Hemislant Submanifolds of a 3-Dimensional Indefinite Trans-Sasakian Manifold, BSMaSS Volume 15, The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards (Volume 15)
    In this paper we would like to establish some of the properties of slant and hemislant submanifoldsof an indefinite trans-Sasakian manifold. We have four sections in this paper. Section (1) isintroductory. In Section (2) we recall some necessary details of an indefinite trans-Sasakian manifold.In Section (3) we have obtained some interesting properties on a totally umbilical slant submanifoldsof an indefinite trans-Sasakian manifold. Finally, in Section (4), some results on integrability conditionsof the distributions of hemislant submanifolds of an indefinite trans-Sasakian manifold havebeen obtained.
    Hemislant Submanifold, Indefinite Trans-Sasakian Manifold, Slant Submanifold