G.D. Mishra, Vijiya Singh Chauhan, Nikita Chandra, A Study of Service in Restaurant by Using Queuing Model, BSMaSS Volume 5, The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards (Volume 5)
    The restaurants want to avoid losing their customers due to a long wait on the line. This shows a need of a numerical model for the restaurant management to understand the situation better. This paper aims to show that queuing theory satisfies the model when tested with a real-case scenario. We obtained the data from a restaurant. We then derive the arrival rate, service rate, utilization rate, waiting time in queue and the probability of potential customers to balk based on the data using Little’s Theorem and M/M/1 queuing model. We conclude the paper by discussing the benefits of performing queuing analysis to a busy restaurant.
    Little’s Theorem, Queue, Restaurant, Waiting Lines