Bhaskar Chandra Sarkar, Sanatan Das, Rabidra Nath Jana, Effects of Hall Currents and Radiation on MHD Free Convective Flow Past a Oscillating Vertical Plate with Oscillatory Plate Temperature in a Porous Medium, BSMaSS Volume 3, The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards (Volume 3)
    Combined effects of Hall currents and radiation on an unsteady MHD free convective flow past a vertical flat plate with oscillatory plate temperature in a porous medium have been studied. The governing equations are solved analytically in closed form. The results obtained are presented graphically. It is found that the Hall currents accelerate the fluid velocity components whereas the radiation has a tendency to retard the fluid velocity components. Porosity of the medium has a tendency to enhance the fluid velocity components. Hall currents reduce the amplitude of the shear stress at the plate due to the unsteady primary flow whereas they increase the amplitude of the shear stress at the plate due to the unsteady secondary flow. Further, the rate of heat transfer at the plate due to unsteady flow increases with an increase in either radiation parameter or Prandtl number or frequency parameter.
    Darcy Number, Frequency Parameter, Grashof Number, Hall Currents, Heat Transfer, MHD Flow, Porous Medium, Prandtl Number, Radiation Parameter, Unsteady Flow