Oleg M. Marenkov, Mykola V. Prychepa, Julia Kovalchuk, The Influence of Heavy Metal Ions on the Viability and Metabolic Enzyme Activity of the Marbled Crayfish Procambarus virginalis (Lyko, 2017), ILNS Volume 70. The Effects of Water Pollution on the Environment of Dnipro Region, Ukraine, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 70)
    In the experiment with marbled crayfish <i>Procambarus</i> <i>virginalis</i> (Lyko, 2017), chronic effects of various concentrations of heavy metal ions on the physiological state and enzyme activity were investigated. The obtained results showed that among the investigated heavy metals nickel ions influenced the weight indexes and mortality of crustaceans the most negatively. According to the results of the research, significant changes were noted in the individual biochemical parameters of marbled crayfish under the influence of manganese, lead and nickel ions. The most significant changes in the activity of lactate dehydrogenase were detected in muscle tissues affected by manganese and nickel ions. A significant decrease in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase in muscle of marbled crayfish was determined after the action of heavy metal ions. Investigation of changes in the activity of alkaline phosphatase under the influence of the ions of manganese, lead and nickel has its own characteristics, which indicates certain violations in the tissues of cell membranes. Changes in the activity of enzymes were also reflected in the overall protein content. Changes in these parameters may indicate a rapid biochemical response of crustaceans to the toxic effects of heavy metals.
    Alkaline Phosphatase, Crustaceans, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Lead, Manganese, Nickel, <i>Procambarus virginalis</i>, Succinate Dehydrogenase