Nehar Parvin, M.A. Kader, Roksana Huque, M.E. Molla, Mubarak A. Khan, Extension of Shelf-Life of Tomato Using Irradiated Chitosan and its Physical and Biochemical Characteristics, ILNS Volume 67, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 67)
    The effect of irradiated chitosan coating on post-harvest preservation of tomato was observed in this study. Irradiated chitosan (40 kGy) solution of various concentrations (500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 ppm) were applied on post-harvest preservation of tomato. Both chitosan treated and untreated (control) tomato were stored at room temperature in open and zip bag conditions. The effect of coating of various chitosan solutions on tomato were observed during storage period. The percentage of weight loss and spoilage rate of the preserved and control tomato samples were investigated. Several parameters (such as total bacteria count, total mold count, moisture, ash, acidity, vitamin C, sugar, protein and fat) were analyzed for irradiated chitosan coated tomato in open condition after 3-weeks storage period. In addition, the same parameters were also analyzed for control tomato. Considering all parameters, the results revealed that 1500 ppm chitosan solution performed better in extending the shelf- life of tomato as compared to the control and other treated samples. Thus, this observation recommend that irradiated chitosan coating have the potential to be used as natural preservative to maintain quality and extending shelf-life of tomato.
    Antimicrobial Activity, Chitosan, Gamma Radiation, Natural Preservative