Rafał Moroń, Aleksandra Vierek, The Podlaskie White Stork Trail - Ecotourism on the Podlaskie Area, ILNS Volume 27, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 27)
    In this paper tourist sight and ecotouristic values of Podlaskie area and brand tourist product “The Podlaskie White Stork Trail”, was presented. This bicycling touristic route including the regions four National Parks (The Białowieża, Biebrza, Narew and Wigry NPs) and the Suwałki Landscape Park. The pristine of nature, rich culture and history of this land are ecotouristic attractions. Ecoturism is a form of active tourism involving visiting relatively undisturbed, often protected natural areas as: national or landscape parks and sanctuaries. This is tourism to areas of highly cultural and historical values, too.
    Birdwatching, Ecotourism, National Park, North-Eastern Poland, Podlaskie White Stork Trail