Murali Jadesh, Parshuram Kamble, K. Manjunath, K. Ravikiran, Sharanappa Padashetty, A Preliminary Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles in around Gulbarga University Campus, Karnataka, India, ILNS Volume 27, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 27)
    The study involves survey of amphibian and reptile in and around Gulbarga University Campus. Survey was conducted from Jan 2012 to March 2013. The survey methods involved careful visual estimation of amphibians and reptilian in all the possible habitats present in the study area. The objective of the study included evaluate of species composition, relative abundance and distribution of amphibian and reptile of the chosen area. During survey a total of 16 species of herpetofauna identified belonging to 12 families, which includes 9 species of snakes, 4 species amphibians, 3 species of lizards
    Amphibia, Gulbarga, Reptilia