K. Ravikiran, R.S. Kulkarni, Sharanappa Padashetty, Fish Fauna of Kurikotta Bridge Bennithora River, Gulbarga District of Karnataka, India, ILNS Volume 26, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 26)
    The present study deals with the fish fauna of Kurikotta Bridge Bennithora River, Gulbarga district of Karnataka. The study was undertaken for a period of one year and monthly collections were made from April-2013 to March-2014, in four sites. The result of present study reveals the occurrence of seventeen (17) fish species belonging to five orders. The order Cypriniformes was dominant with nine (9) followed by order Siluriformes (4) Channiformes (2), Mastacembelidae and Osteoglossiformes each with one species.
    Bennithora River, Fauna, Fish, Kurikotta