Oladele Abiodun Olaniran, Samuel Adelani Babarinde, Adeola Foluke Odewole, Peter Ademola Aremu, Kehinde Popoola, Rural Farmers’ Perceptions, Knowledge and Management of Insect Pests of Fruit Vegetables in Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone of Nigeria, Volume 25, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 25)
    Surveys were carried out in five local government areas of Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone Nigeria during planting season in 2010 to investigate rural farmers perceptions and management practices of insect pests of fruit vegetables. The survey involved 150 randomly selected farmers who were interviewed using structured questionnaire. Fruit vegetables planted by the farmers were okra, tomatoes, pepper and garden egg. Reasons given by farmers for cultivating fruit vegetables were significantly favored by age category, educational qualification, and secondary occupation of farmers (x2 = 4.757, P = 0.029). Field insect pests were perceived as the major production constraint to fruit vegetables in this zone. Majority of the farmer estimated 78.4 % rated insect pest as the most serious pest infesting fruit vegetables, the insect pests were grasshopper (Orthoptera), beetles (Coleoptera) and caterpillar (Lepidoptera). Integrated pest management module consisted basically of chemical and cultural control strategies, with weeding, shifting cultivation and crop rotation as main cultural control methods. More than 76.7 % of the farmers make use of cultural control because of unavailability and cost of chemical insecticides. Only 23.3 % had access to chemical insecticides in controlling insect pest of fruit vegetables.
    Beetles, Caterpillar, Cultural Control Ogbomoso Agricultural Zone, Farmer's Knowledge, Fruit Vegetables, Grasshoppers, Insect Pest Management