R. Aathithya, J. Rajani Sowparnika, V. Balakrishnan, Kinetic Studies for the Biosorption of Chromium Using Cherry Leaves (Muntingia calabura L.), ILNS Volume 25, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 25)
    Biosorption is an attractive technology which is used for the sorption of substances by a biomaterial. In this present work the heavy metal chromium was subjected to biosorption because of their non-degradability nature and causes water and land pollution. Cherry leaves were used as a biomaterial for the biosorption. Kinetic studies were performed for the biosorption experiment. From the experiment it was found that the reaction follows pseudo first order reaction because of the larger value of regression coefficient R2 and lower value of standard errors (χ<sup>2</sup>) for pseudo first order reaction than second order reaction.
    Biosorption, Chromium, First Order, Kinetic Studies, Second Order Reactions