R. Aathithya, J. Rajani Sowparnika, V. Balakrishnan, Evaluation of Thermodynamic Properties for the Biosorption of Chromium by Using Cherry Leaves (Muntingia calabura L.), ILNS Volume 25, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 25)
    Chromium is a heavy metal which has widely used in tannery and electroplating industries. Contaminations of these industrial metals into the river possess major threat to an environment. Therefore, biosorption is a technique which is applied for the sorption of heavy metal by a biomaterial. In the present study reveals that cherry leaves was used as a biomaterial and for that the thermodynamic properties was evaluated for the biosorption of chromium. From the thermodynamic studies it was found that the reaction was feasible, spontaneous and exothermic because the values of ∆G = negative, ∆S = negative and ∆H = positive. So, it was concluded that the experiment was thermodynamically feasible.
    Chromium, Entropy, Free Energy, Thermodynamic Study