S. Dhanam, B. Elayaraj, Ethnoveterinary Practices in Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India, ILNS Volume 24, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 24)
    Ayurvedic medicines are considered to be the best systems of treatment in India and this system is spreading now globally. Natural products are also a part of our everyday life. Ethno veterinary medicine is developed by farmers in field and barns rather than and in scientific laboratories. It is less systematic, less formalized and usually transferred by word of mouth rather than writing. An ethnobotanical survey was conducted in 10 selected sites of Villupuram district. Twenty six plant species belonging to fourteen families were documented in the present study, to cure different diseases in animals. Interviews and detailed personal discussions were conducted with the traditional healers and local people to identify the plants and their medicinal information for six months. The study revealed that the different parts of these plants were used for treatment of different diseases. Leaves are the mostly used part to prepare medicine
    Ayurvedic Medicine, Ethnoveterinary, Traditional Knowledge, Villupuram District