Suhas J. Vyas, A.J. Joshi, Determination and Discrimination in Characteristics of Coastal Habitats in some Parts of ‘Bhal’ Region, ILNS Volume 24, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 24)
    Gujarat has a coast line of approximately 1700 Km, varying in different habitat conditions. The state has two gulfs viz., gulf of Khambhat and gulf of Kachchh. Edaphic conditions of different habitats in ‘Bhal’ region of Gujarat state which falls in two districts viz. Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar district of Gujarat state. The coastal vegetation depends on the edaphic conditions of the region. The coastal flora of the ‘Bhal’ region belonging to Bhavnagar district has species like <i>Suaeda nudiflora, Prosopis chilensis, Dichanthium annulatum</i>, etc. The ‘Bhal’ region has marshy, wetland and semi-arid habitat. The present study investigates different physico-chemical parameters like Electrical Conductivity, pH and Sodium Adsorption Ratio, as well as mineral ion Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnessium and Chloride concentration in the soil of ‘Bhal’ region.
    ‘Bhal’ Region, Freshwater, Marshy, Mineral Ions, Semi-Arid, Soil Habitat