T.M. Sathees Kannan, S. Sownthariya, S. Anbazhakan, In Vitro Mass Propagation of Withania somnifera Dunal Using Seaweed Extract, ILNS Volume 24, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 24)
    The present study was aimed to develop a cost-effective and efficient protocol for mass propagation of high-quality seedlings through tissue culture by using seaweed extract as biostimulants instead of synthetic chemicals. The nodal explant of field grown W. somnifera estabilised on Murashige and Skoogs medium (MS) and Gamborg B5 medium supplemented with six concentration of 2,4 D. The percentage of culture response from the nodal explant ranged from 44 to 80 and 3.0 mg l-1 2,4 D found to be best for callus induction. MS media containing different concentration of seaweed extract (10, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 %) were tested individually for shoot induction. The medium supplemented with 40 % seaweed extract exhibited maximum number of shoots with about 8.6 shoots/ callus and 80 % seaweed extract exhibited 4.3 shoots/ callus. It is evident from this study that seaweed extracts can be used as substitute for synthetic growth hormones for micropropagation of medicinally important plant W. somnifera for clonal propagation and conservation.
    M.S.Medium-B5 Medium, Propagation, Seaweed, <i>Withania somnifera</i>