M. Priya, V. Balakrishnan, A. Kiruthika Lakshmi, R. Aruna, K.C. Ravindran, Mercury Induced Oxidative Stress of Antioxidants in Clitoria ternatea L., ILNS Volume 23, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 23)
    Biofertilizers are the special formulation of specific beneficial microorganisms that promote the growth of plant crops by converting the unavailable form of nutrients into available form. Here, the effect of heavy metal stress on antioxidant enzymes were studied in <i>Clitoria ternatea </i>L.<i> </i>leaves<i>. Clitoria ternatea</i> L.<i> </i>plant was grown for 30 days and the heavy metal mercuric chloride was sprayed after 10 days from the date of planting. Effect of mercuric chloride was observed in treated plants. The selected plant <i>Clitoria ternatea </i>L. was grown under mercuric chloride treatment in a specified concentration 1 µg/10 ml. The control plant maintained without the treatment of mercuric chloride. Antioxidant effect of mercuric chloride was measured under controlled and treated conditions. The selected plant <i>Clitoria ternatea</i> L.<i> </i>was grown under mercuric chloride in treatment. Further it increases H<sub>2</sub>O<sub>2 </sub>content and the antioxidant enzyme activities such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and peroxidase (POD) were observed in mercuric chloride treated plants when compared with control. Here mercuric chloride was accumulated more in matured leaves. The results are discussed with the literature.
    Antioxidant, Biofertilizers, Enzyme, Phosphorus, Stress