R. Aruna, P. Balasubramanian, Fruiting Phenology and Avian Frugivory of Streblus asper Lour. in a Mixed Dry Deciduous Forest, Western Ghats, India, ILNS Volume 22, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 22)
    This paper describes the fruiting phenology and avian frugivory of Streblus asper (Moraceae) in a mixed dry deciduous forest, Anaikatty hills, Western Ghats. Fruiting occurred during April-June. Nine species of birds were found to feed on the ripe fruits of this species. Bulbuls (3 species) belonging to Pycnonotidae, followed by two species of Myna (Sturnidae) made majority of the feeding visits and appear to be the major seed dispersers of this species
    Avian Frugivory, Mixed Dry Deciduous Forest, Phenology, <i>Streblus asper</i>