Abiodun A. Oladiti, Binta T. Kamarise, Responsible Environmental Attitudes as Recipe for Sustainable Environment in Nigeria, ILNS Volume 20, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 20)
    Environmental sustainability is currently a topical issue globally. Reason for this might not be unconnected with the need to ensure balancing of environmental protection as well as social responsibility as requisite for healthy environment and economy. Thus, an understanding of the indispensability of environment generally has led to the clarion call for better steward of environment by human beings, bearing in mind the deteriorating state of the environment and its consequences. This study employed a triangulation of instrument in developing responsible attitude towards environment. 72 participants involving artisans, technocrats, farmers, marketers, industrialists, public servants and institutions were drawn across urban and peri-urban areas within four local governments in Oyo, Oyo state, Nigeria. In-depth interviews were conducted among the participants on the extent, effects of human impacts as well as desirability of responsible attitudes to the environment. Data were analyzed through coded description, verbatim reporting, content analysis and categorization of ideas expressed by participants in the IDIs. It was revealed that human beings have impacted on the environment in a number of ways culminating in untold effects on the environment and its components. The need for responsible attitude to environment was therefore suggested as measure towards sustainable environment and development.
    Environment, Human Impact, Responsible Attitude, Sustainable Environment