Komolafe A. Olajide, Household Environmental Sanitation Practices in Katsina Metropolis, ILNS Volume 20, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 20)
    The Study focused on household environmental sanitation practices in Katsina Metropolis. Survey research design was adopted for the study. Structured questionnaire was used for data collection from 250 households which were randomly selected from five wards in the study area. Multistage sampling technique was used to select respondents for the study. Four research questions were answered. Data collected for the study were analyzed, using frequency counts and mean to answer the research questions. The findings of the study revealed that households in Katsina metropolis dispose their solid wastes in vacant or unused plots, back of homes, along the road and drains among others. Some strategies such as implementation of national environmental sanitation policy. Provision and use of waste disposal facilities, inculcation of right attitudes in householders/homemakers on waste disposal through the introduction of environmental education in primary and post primary schools curriculum, were identified to improve environmental sanitation practices. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made to improve on the practices.
    Environmental Education, Household, Katsina Metropolis