Joe Jacob Nya, Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies in Sub-Sahara Africa via Biomass Energy Technology, ILNS Volume 20, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 20)
    There are various biomass energy technologies with imbalanced application status spread all over Sub-Sahara Africa. Currently, some biomass technologies have been developed maturely in the market such as biogas, that can be economically competitive, commercially developed, and applied in large scale, while other technologies are in the early stage of commercial applications, that need subsidies and other financial incentives to encourage them in the market. These include biomass power, biomass pallet fuel, biofuels from non-grain feedstock, etc. There are also many emerging biomass technologies which are at R&D and demonstration stage and are expected to develop into industrial and commercial applications, such as biological ethanol fuel from cellulose and biodiesel from oil plants. Due to the differences in terms of technology maturity, development stage, market competitiveness, and future perspectives of the various biomass technologies, the obstacles can be different, the needed incentives also vary. It is an important task for Sub-Sahara African Countries to study and design a biomass energy development program to ensure implementation of the region’s biomass energy development objectives. The biomass energy development program in Sub-Sahara Africa should include assessment of various biomass technology status and objectives, development of approaches in biomass technology research and development, pilot projects, demonstration, and application promotions, and identify supporting incentives in techniques and regulations.
    Biomass Energy Technology, Global Climate Change, Promotion of Renewable Energy, Quantitative Assessment, Sub-Sahara Africa