Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović, Rural Village Gnjili Potok-Road Sign towards Happiness and Freedom (Some Geographical Aspects of Sustainable Development), Volume 19, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 19)
    The role of the village must to be first class, because are their potentials major development power future of Montenegro. This requires radically new attitude of society and science to the village. It must they are develop a new concept, a comprehensive rural development, which will be based on demographic, natural, economic and socio-cultural resources. Responsible role in the development of this concept has both geographical science, it’s the comprehensive approach should combine research efforts and results of other sciences. Rural village Gnjili Potok provides outstanding opportunities to create new forms of co-existence in response to the disintegration of family, cultural and social structures in terms dictated by the post-modern global world.
    Sustainable Development, Village