M.A. Eboigbe, F.O. Obasogie, I. Alasah, D.J. Idiata, The Application of Topographical Survey and the Arcgis Spatial Analys “Darcy Flow” Tool in Managing the Nurseries of Rubber Tress, ILNS Volume 18, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 18)
    Farmers often rely on the physical appearance of rubber tree seedlings to decipher on growth rate. In situations of doubt especially when there is obvious reduction in chlorophyll or coax decay of roots, the most likely situation is induction by flooding. A sound nursery management technique which is both responsive to continuous monitoring of the terrain and also able to generate data for restoration is most desired. This study therefore employs a geospatial technique whereby topographical survey was used to pick field data while Geographical Information System analyses was able to generate accurate information on areas likely to both surface and underground discharge of materials. This method was also able to sum up all affected areas, alongside other attributes like the direction of surface flow and the rate of discharge.
    Darcy Flow, Rubber Tree Nurseries, Topographical Surveying