Aliu Ademoh Ohiare, Awareness of Biological Warfare in Nigeria, ILNS Volume 18, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 18)
    First let me state categorically that the Republic of Nigeria is completely unprepared to detect, deter or defend against an attack utilizing bioweapons to cripple any of its critical complexes including government, among oil & gas, banking and health services. This lack of capacity of Nigeria biodefense may currently being exploited and probed by interest determined to undermine the unity of the Republic of Nigeria and attack our interest in the region. Science has the potential for creating even more effective and horrific biological weapons. The U.S government should assist Nigeria in establishing a biodefense program in Nigerian university, modeled after biodefense program at George Mason University, which would provide students with a background in the science and technology of biodefense and the specialized areas of threat assessment, on proliferation and medical and public health preparedness.
    Biodefense, Biological Warfare, Nigeria