P.D. Rabo, D.U. Zarmai, B.A. Jwanya, S.H. Dikwahal, The Role of Fisheries Resources in National Development: A Review, ILNS Volume 18, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 18)
    This paper on the role of Fisheries resources in National development is aimed at highlighting the role of Fishery products in Nation building. Fishery products of finned Fish species like Cod, Flounder, Salmon, Catfish, Goldfish, Sea urchins, Shrimps, King crab, Halibut, Mollusk and Echinoderms that come from both capture Fisheries and Aquaculture provide employment, food security, improves welfare, nutrition and a healthy population. Also serve for International trade and foreign exchange in goods like Leather and polishing materials that come from the skin of Cartilagenous Fishes. Ice Fish, dried and canned Fishery products, Salmon roe (egg) and Fish oil used for the manufacture of Soap and Medicinal Oils like the Cod Liver Oil. Fish intake also reduces the condition atherosclerosis thereby combating cardiovascular diseases. However, the Fishery Subsector has some constraints such as by Catch, improper funding, poor input Facilities, Poverty in Fishing Communities, Water barriers, effect of climate change and lack of comprehensive Man power development and training programmes. It is therefore recommended that Government, Donor agencies and international trade unions make effort to increase the educational and capital base of small-scale Farmers; distinguish between Farmed and Wild products, provides Comprehensive Man power and training programmes for all Cadre, providing transportation systems for better appreciation and Productivity in the fishery sub-sector. Laws and by-laws should also be enacted to prevent indiscriminate fishing to avoid over exploitation and extinction of our Aquatic Species.
    Aquatic Species, Fisheries Resources, Fish's Processing, Trade