Buba A. Aliyu, Kabiru Baraya Aliyu, Re-Inventing the Production of Adhesive from Cassava Starch as a Career Opportunity in Chemistry Education, ILNS Volume 18, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 18)
    The present study is aimed at investigating the properties of Cassava starch for the production of adhesives as a career opportunity in chemistry education. Method of starch extraction, characterization and adhesive production for quality assessment was performed. The results showed that adhesives produced with sodium hydroxide as a gelatinization enhancer has a maximum drying time of 8.60 minutes and had a stronger bond. The work concludes that the adhesive produced is of good quality and can lead to re-inventing chemistry education as a career opportunity. However, the Cassava adhesive met the basic requirement for adhesive use and application. At the end recommendations were made, among others increase employment opportunities, also diversify the economic base of farmers and there is need for reorientation and attitudinal change towards entrepreneurial job.
    Cassava, Chemistry Education, Starch